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102 Habits for Positive Living

Article by Kristen Butler

Sometimes living a positive life in a world with challenges seems difficult. It can be if you don’t equip your mind, body and soul with the simple, yet powerful tools necessary to truly embrace the lifestyle of positive thinking.

101 Habits for Positive Living

Daily and weekly habits for positive living, once implemented regularly, will propel your life forward and switch the positive thinking light on more automatically.

“We become what we repeatedly do.” – Sean Covey

101 Habits for Positive Living

101 Habits for Positive Living:

1. Smile all throughout the day. 🙂
2. Get in the sunshine, when possible, at least 15 minutes per day.
3. Surround yourself with loving, positive people – both in person and online.
4. Connect with Mother Earth – Disconnect to Reconnect
5. Talk with God / The Universe / Angels / Your Guides / Your Intuition (whatever name you relate to)
6. Read something that inspires you and teaches you something new
7. Stay Active Daily
8. Do something for yourself that you truly enjoy
9. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Take it further – do Mirror Work.
10. Take a relaxing Epsom Salt Bath (lavender is our favorite)
11. Laugh A LOT!! We’re talking 100-200 laughs till your belly hurts. 😉
12. Help someone in need
13. Throw away worry
14. **Dream more** 🙂
15. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes
16. Check at least one thing off of your “To DONE List” every day
17. Focus on what makes you happy
18. Say “Good Morning” to anyone you pass (in the AM of course 😉
19. Cuddle with a pet or bond with an animal
20. Reflect on what you’re grateful for and appreciate often
21. Get enough sleep and take a good nap when you need it
22. Exercise MORE!!!
23. Believe in YOURSELF!
24. Achieve a goal, go after another.
25. Keep your Morals
26. Get/Give at least 5 BIG hugs a day – 10 is even better!
27. Focus, Focus, Focus!
28. Eat two Brazil Nuts for Selenium Benefits – good health and happiness.
29. Wake up and drink a BIG glass of filtered lemon water

“Everything you are used to, once done long enough, starts to seem natural, even though it might not be.” – Julien Smith

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Because You Needed a Smile


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I Wish I Were a Cat

When I can’t sleep I just lay there and dream of being a cat…

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I first found this image last year sometime and it has stayed with me on my computer and on my phone since then. I think we can all relate to this and it provides a strange form of comfort. If you have any other great therapy comics please feel free to list them in the comments!


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Pain and Laughter

I’ve always wondered if there was a correlation between laughter and pain. Thoughts?

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Smile: It’s Saturday!

I fully believe that sometimes the BEST remedy for instant (though temporary) pain relief is a good laugh. If you’re in pain or just bored, please check out the video below. It’s awesome to say the least!

Attention Internet: This is a Penguin Being Tickled


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Life Instructions…

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