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Pain With Love < Pain w/o Love

I sat in bed last night wondering how miserable my life would be without my wonderful wife. I kept the magnitude of my pain from her for so long to appear stronger than I was. I was the type of person that made excuses for not doing things that would put me in pain without any explanation to her. She still stayed with me through it all. It took 7 years of marriage to finally fess up wondering how the news would be received. I learned that something like love can outweigh something as silly as chronic pain. She listened, and tried to understand. It became apparent that even though someone isn’t going through the same problems you are, that they can still show empathy toward it. I can definitely imagine a more difficult life without a companion that shows unconditional love. I probably should have come clean earlier, but my most wonderful wife understood my reasons. It has made my days more bearable knowing that I can freely talk to someone without judgement. I guess the moral of this story is that we shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to our companions when we are hurting in any capacity. I definitely feel less pain when around her. As I stated previously. I don’t know what life would be like without her.


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Late Night Poll



I find that I lay here again not able to sleep because of one pain or the other. Tonight’s fiasco? Radiating arm pain. Now, most of you might be thinking… “well if the pain is so bad why are you typing?” Well, ordinarily I wouldn’t be doing this. My computer almost never enters the bed with me. However, due to the fact that I needed better technology to read journal articles I fell into the trap of buying an iPad. This allows me write whenever I need or want to. Also, as most of you know, we can always find the otherwise elusive energy to complain about the pain whenever we want to. This is something that I’ve tried to avoid, but sometimes when you lay here unable to sleep, that little bit of complaining (that which masks self loathing) is just what the doctor ordered. It may not help me to fall asleep but it helps me to know that others are in this same predicament. If you don’t believe me just search Twitter for #painsomnia. There are many more like us that cannot fall asleep because of some sort of pain. I somehow feel that there should be a late night support group for us. Either an online group to chat about this or something akin to a 1-800 number for people to chat until sleepy. I wonder if something like this exists and if not whether it would be beneficial to any of us. A poll should be devised and a plan set into motion. Thoughts?

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