Want to see the silver lining? Wear polarized shades!

14 Mar

Experts say that the sun is good for you and that might be true. However, the experts haven’t quantified how annoying and unsafe the sun can be as well. The brightness and glare personally causes me migraines and general irritability. Due to this I wear shades to help with the discomfort. I never realized though that there were different types of sunglasses until a trip to Hawaii a few years back. While there, a friend of mine introduced me to sunglasses that contained polarized lenses. Simply put: polarized lenses work by filtering out certain ‘orientations’ of sunlight. Usually when sunlight is reflected off a surface it arrives to our eyes in a ‘horizontal orientation’. This orientation is the bright glare that we all despise. Polarized lenses filter this specific orientation of light while permitting others through. How does this help us?

Polarized lenses allow us to see the world more clearly with less glare and light intensity which can help those like me that are over-sensitive to the sun. Not only that but these lenses also promote safety. Safety comes when eyestrain is lessened, our irritability level lowered, and concentration increased due to less distraction. For example, the picture on the left illustrates the appearance of a child where glare once existed. But, these are only some of the more practical reasons for spending the extra few dollars on these types of lenses. The other reason (and the one that I like the most) is the new view of the world that one get from wearing them.

We have seen how glare and light intensity are reduced without mentioning the other important side effect: vivid color changes. What was once an expected landscape of brightness has now been replaced with a view that is just a little more beautiful. This can be seen in the image below: the picture on the left is un-polarized while the one on the right is. I mention this because science states that sunlight is generally good for depression. Now, not only can one get out more, but they have a better view when they do. Try it sometime. Your daily drive will be a whole new more positive experience.


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